Klewer Padi


Skirt with hanging drapery

Similar to our popular Gandasari skirts which is an all size wrap skirt with draping, this is the fitted version for those who don't want the hassle of wrapping and tying a knot, but still get the unique draping effect of a wrap skirt. Klewer means hanging/casually draping in Javanese, and this one is made of batik in a motif resembling to rice (Padi means paddy in Indonesian language). 

Zipper is hidden between the draping.

Material : 100% Cotton Stamped Batik

Color : Black + White

If the product you want is SOLD OUT in your desired size, please let us know by email (indischeboutique@yahoo.com), so we can confirm with you whether we are still running production in this particular item, or if it is discontinued…and once it’s available again we can let you know! 

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