kebaya is a traditional blouse that is worn by women in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Burma, Singapore, and few other Asian countries. There is much speculation as to where the kebaya could have originated from. There are some who say that the kebaya originated in the Middle East, while others argue that it may have come from nearby China. 

Many sources mention Chinese influences on clothing of the past, one source comparing the kebaya to an open-fronted long-sleeved tunic worn by women of the Ming Dynasty. The introduction of this kind of dress were also linked to two major occurrences in Indonesia's history; the emerging influence of Islam and the arrival of the Europeans to the archipelago. Whether it was Arabia or China that brought us the wonderful kebaya, there is no denying how quick the use of this garment was made uniquely Indonesian and spread from one island and ethnic group to another with its own regional variations. 

The kebayas you see here are my modern interpretations for a more casual look for everyday wear.