Flora Aros


Inspired by the Kebaya, this sleeveless top uses the handwoven Baduy textlie named Aros, giving it a heavier feel than a traditional Kebaya, which makes it more like a vest/blazer. Wear over a plain dress like this for an elegant afternoon party, or with the matching Sarong Skirt for a unique officewear. 

Material : Handwoven 100% Cotton Aros 

Color : Striped Broken White

Can be ordered with sleeves (cap, short, 3/4 or long sleeves)


Since this item uses traditionally handwoven fabric, stock quantity is limited, but can always be reordered. So please understand that if you place an order which is temporarily out of stock, we might need extra time for the production, and colors and motifs might slightly vary. We will notify you the delivery time details every time you place an order, and as usual, you will only be requested to pay after you confirm agreement to the delivery dates informed. You can also contact us by email (indischeboutique@yahoo.com) for further questions. 

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