Reversible Wool & Tenun Ikat Poncho


Designed for winter traveling, this poncho is reversible so you can get 2 looks from 1 outer to save luggage space! The first side is made of imported polyester-wool mix, hand embroidered with 3-dimensional tone-on-tone flowers. The second side is made of a beautiful Jepara produced ATBM "Tenun Ikat" weaving inspired by motifs of the eastern islands of Indonesia. 

Aside from being reversible, this poncho can be worn in many ways. With a satin tie, with a leather belt, or without a belt and have the collar folded out a bit to show the unique combination of traditional motifs and wool. 

Wear over a light shirt for cool weather, or over a duck down inner jacket for winter traveling.

Material : Side 1 : Polyester-Wool Mix, Side 2 : Cotton ATBM Weaving

Color : Grey



Since this item uses traditional fabric and imported poly-wool, stock quantity is limited. So please understand that if you place an order, we will confirm with you first if there will be a change in the motif/colors. We will notify you the delivery time details every time and as usual, you will only be requested to pay after you confirm agreement to the delivery dates informed. You can also contact us by email ( for further questions. 

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